Who Needs a Voice Activated Micro Recorder?

When we think of Small Mic Miami Beach Hialeah Gardens, we think of 007 spies or police lurking in disguised vans in the street. Yet the everyday practical applications for these recording devices are numerous. Students, in particular, find that a mini audio recorder is the perfect thing to help them in their studies. Recording lectures means you don’t need to made notes on the spot. Trying to take hurried notes will cause you to miss important points. Instead you can absorb the lecture as it is delivered. And know the whole thing is available to you whenever you need it. And you can skip sections and play audio at a faster or slower speed as necessary. Make audio notes of reminders, ideas, and dictate rough drafts of your assignments onto a recording device. Wireless, USB, or SD cards make it an easy matter to transfer the audio file to a laptop.

Voice and Small Mic Miami Beach Hialeah Gardens are not only useful for students. People from all walks of life will find their tiny voice recorder can be of immense benefit. Elderly people and the partially sighted can make use of such a device. Record their daily to-do list, shopping list, and reminders. If the recording/playback device has an SD card slot, then relatives can record their own messages for the person to listen to at their leisure. People who do a lot of driving find a voice activated device indispensable for recording notes and reminders. Plus they can listen back to pre-recorded audio of their choice. Driving is a great opportunity to catch up with that radio play you missed. Or how about you dictate a love letter to your sweetheart? The possibilities are endless.

Creative Ways to Use an Audio Recorder

  • Improve your language skills. If you are learning a foreign language, hearing yourself speak can help you improve your diction and accent.
  • Record your own songs. Got an idea for a new song? Use a Small Mic Miami Beach Hialeah Gardens to capture a few lines so you don’t forget it.
  • Create your own ring tones. Be unique: get your dog to bark, your cat to yell or your kid to sing about a dinosaur.
  • Record your idea for the next blockbuster fiction series. Heck, you can even dictate it chapter-by-chapter. Use voice transcribing software to turn the audio into text. You won’t have to pound the keyboard ever again.
  • Learning public speaking or writing a wedding speech? Check how you sound by using a recording device.
  • Read stories and poems for your child to listen to when you aren’t available to read to them at bedtime.
  • Use a high-quality digital recording device to create your own podcasts. Get your friends and family around a table and chat away. Upload and edit at your convenience. You might go viral.
  • Record your parents’ or grandparents’ memories. Encourage them to talk about their lives. You’ll learn a lot about your family and you’ll have a personal oral history to keep forever.
  • Similarly, ask any older person to talk about their professional life and work. Don’t let those precious memories fade away with them.
  • Collect sound bites on any topic. Even strangers will stop and chat if they think you are recording them for
  • Record your daughter’s wedding ceremony. Sure you’ll have a video, but you will capture a lot of sweet and funny off-camera interaction if you keep your digital voice recorder switched on. Wear a micro recording device on a lanyard.
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How Do Digital Voice Recorders Work?

Small Mic Miami Beach Hialeah Gardens come in various forms: compact digital recorders, mini voice recorders, and micro and miniature recording devices. Each can capture audio and convert it into a digital file format. You can:

  • Transfer files to a chosen destination, such as a laptop.
  • Open and edit on other devices with no loss of quality.
  • Send audio files as email attachments
  • Burn them to CD or share them on any digital platform or app that has the capability to support them.

The recording device can also play back audio files. Though having a tiny speaker, the audio won’t sound good without headphones. File formats include: MP3, WAV, MA, AIFF (Apple) and AU (Sun Micro systems). MP3 is the most common format used. Memory is internal (flash) or external (flash or SD card). Jacks for headphones and microphone are standard. Other refinements depend on the price bracket of the device.

Basic functions include on/off, pause and record buttons. The higher end versions may have a digital display and even wireless capabilities. The most important factors to consider when purchasing a digital voice recorder are sound quality (bit rate), range (a good range is around 50 feet), storage and battery life. One other consideration is the device’s file transfer capability. Most use USB, but remember to check just in case. Recording devices also have built in noise-filtering, which filters out extraneous background sound. You will discover, as with any technology, that features which are currently restricted to higher-priced models will soon be available as standard on mid-range and budget models. Most people find, unless they require top quality recording for music for example, that a mid-range device is perfect for their digital recording needs.

Digital Sound Recorders for Writers

Any writer who is intimidated by a blank screen might find their creative flow unblocked by using a digital voice recording device. Some writers find their thought processes hindered by their slow typing rate. Using a sound recorder is the answer. The novelist, Katie Ganshert, equipped herself with a recording device, and her word count rose to 25,000 in three days. That’s half a novella in less than a week. Not only that, she managed to exercise on a treadmill at the same time, thus being doubly virtuous. Once she finished dictating, she transcribed the recording. And discovered that she could edit her draft as she went along, making the whole process streamlined and fast. She completed her seventh novel in record time. Small Mic Miami Beach Hialeah Gardens. If you are a writer or content creator, consider a digital recorder to increase your output.

The Secret to Writing Fast and Furious (plus a sneak peek at my latest novel)

You might a book inside you aching to get out, but the sheer size of the task puts you off even getting started. Treat yourself to a digital sound recorder and let her rip. You don’t have to do it in the same way Katie Ganshert does. You can record your files and then send them to someone on Fivrr or Upwork to transcribe for you. Get your book file to a professional editor, commission a cover, and it’s done. All you had to do was unleash your imagination and publish to Kindle. Okay, there’s a lot more to it than that, but if you have constructed your basic plot outline and know where the story is headed, that’s half the battle. Remember, Dame Barbara Cartland dictated 723 novels during her lifetime, and she didn’t even have to sit up to do it.

Voice Recorders for loggers and Podcasters

Loggers and podcasters need their voice recorders. A Small Mic Miami Beach Hialeah Gardens serves many purposes; from in-person interviews, note taking, to-do list, dictation, and so on. We’ve heard of some YouTubers using them as wireless microphones because often camera mics aren’t up to the task of recording quality audio. It’s quite easy to sync up the audio files with the video by aligning ‘spikes’. One method is to clap loudly three times at the start of your video. The spikes (claps) will be picked up by both the camera’s on-board audio and the digital recording device. Sync those up in your editing software and all will be well—no lip sync issues. You’ll lose the hand-claps in the final edit, of course. This method works well with Window’s Movie Maker, and you’d have to purchase something like Final Cut Express for a Mac.

Podcasters, above all creative types, need a decent audio recording device. After all, podcasts are all about the audio… and nothing else. While dedicated, high-end models can cost a lot of dollars, many podcasters do well with a $50—$100 voice recorder. You can use your laptop’s built in mic, but that means you are restricted to sitting at a desk or table. Professional podcasters don’t leave home without some kind of digital recording device. They never know when the opportunity to grab an interview or record an interesting sound effect may come their way. When you want to get out and about, you need something a little more portable and uncomplicated to set up. Having to fiddle around setting up equipment is the last thing you need when recording on the fly. The easier the voice recorder is to use, the more likely you are to use it.

Capture Your Ideas with a Compact Digital Recorder

We’re all creative individuals now, aren’t we? Whether employees or entrepreneurs, we are always looking for new inspiration. Or the next project, or potential trend. Bloggers, bloggers, website owners, artists, writers, content creators, new biz start-ups; the list is endless. The point is, we need to come up with new ideas. Lots of them. And one of the problems with ideas is that they are slippery little devils. You must track, claim and secure them. Otherwise they float away. One second it’s right there in your head, a sudden glimpse of what could be. You absolutely know you will remember it. You’ll write it down and flesh it out as soon as you get back to your desk. No, you won’t. The chances you will forget are almost overwhelming. What you need is a Small Mic Miami Beach Hialeah Gardens.

It’s no good turning to your smart phone. There’s no storage space left on it, remember? You can’t possibly delete the video of your cat smooching up to the dog. Your kid would kill you. But you really need to capture that idea before it disappears in a puff of smoke. No worries. Grab your digital recorder and get those ideas secured behind bars. Small Mic Miami Beach Hialeah Gardens. Yet some are able to store around 90 hours of recording. Amazing. Most come with an SD card making the transfer to your laptop a simple process. Some are wireless and Bluetooth enabled, which makes it even easier. Once you have your audio file on your computer you can transcribe it, add to it, or even drag it into an application such as Evernote. Just remember to put your digital recorder in your pocket before you go anywhere.

Small Businesses and Compact Recording Devices

There are many ways for a small business to benefit by using compact Small Mic Miami Beach Hialeah Gardens. One of the most costly outgoings for any business is staff training. Recording staff training sessions means you will be able to gather up enough audio material to create your own personalized training courses. And make them available to any member of your team. Judicious editing will enable you to build it into a coherent and reliable staff resource. This kind of low-cost training is particularly useful in businesses that deal with a lot of phone calls and face-to-face interactions with customers. Using role-play scenarios and a digital audio device, record examples of good communications and also of bad ones, as both provide learning opportunities. Thorough training, even on a low budget, will improve efficiency and customer service, and thus profitability.

Other applications for using digital audio recordings in the workplace are:

  • During interviews
  • Staff evaluations
  • Disciplinary meetings
  • Brainstorming sessions
  • One-off workshops
  • Focus groups.

You will discover there is a lot of value in digital recordings rather than in note-taking. Take the time to review your recordings regularly—you may find them to be a treasure trove of new ideas to take your business to a new level. At the very least there will be lessons you can learn in how to best manage your staff. Note: it is imperative you always advise employees and interviewees that the session is being recorded. If they refuse to give their permission, you are forbidden by law to continue. Never attempt to record employees covertly; there is a clear line between monitoring for positive purposes and surveillance which impinges on privacy. If in doubt, check your state’s laws.




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